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Acme Kitchenettes Hudson New York

Acme Kitchenettes
Ordering Information

Please contact our sales department with any questions on design or special modifications you may require.
Call on our toll free number 800-322-4191 or fax your plans and specifications to 518-828-4011.
Email specifications/orders to: We will review your request and reply promptly.

Acme Kitchenettes
Warranty Information

Acme provides a one year warranty for the entire unit against manufacturing defects, including parts and labor with an
optional extended warranty on the sealed-in refrigeration system.
SPECIFICATIONS are subject to change as required.
COLOR/FINISHES may vary slightly from actual color.

Please contact our customer service department for all inquiries to receive prompt and courteous service.

Call our toll free number at 800-322-4191.
Fax inquiries can be directed to 518-828-4011.
Email inquiries can be sent to:

Acme Kitchenettes

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